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ADOPT Program

Your symbolic ADOPTion of our animals helps support their care. Each ADOPT includes kid friendly animal facts and photos of your favorite Tulsa Zoo species!

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  • Digital Animal Activity Card with certificate


Plush & Activity Kit
  • Printed Animal Activity Card with certificate, 12" plush and 2 Tulsa Zoo general admission tickets


Animal Explorer Kit
  • Printed Animal Activity Card with certificate, 12" plush, ADOPT Binder, and 2 Tulsa Zoo general admission tickets


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Program Details

The following animals are available for all ADOPT levels: American alligator, African lion, African penguin, Asian elephant, Bald eagle, Chimpanzee, Flamingo, Giraffe, Komodo dragon, Meerkat, Raccoon, Two-toed sloth, Snow leopard, Snowy owl, and White rhino.

EDOPT only animals (plush not currently available*): Arctic fox, Fruit bat, Binturong, Malayan tiger, Red panda, California sea lion, Sea horse, and Warthog

Please allow 7-10 business days to process your order. If you need it sooner, or would like to pick up from the zoo, please let us know.

*If you would like to check the status of available plush, please see contact information below.

Questions about ADOPT? Give us a call 918.669.6614 or email jenna@tulsazoo.org!

Thank you for supporting the Tulsa Zoo's ADOPT program!